A Parking Class?

Why is a class required to park at a High School?

My alma mater, Chesapeake High School in Pasadena, is putting an unusual requirement on students who want to obtain a parking pass for the 2021-22 School Year.

In addition to taking the virtual class, students will need to pass a quiz on the test.

It is unclear exactly why the school is requiring students to pass a test in order to get a parking permit. All of the students who will be issued a permit, generally seniors, are already licensed drivers. They ostensibly know how to park already. What could a class possibly provide for students other than an unnecessary burden for the sake of bureaucratic busy work?

When I was a student and had a parking permit, only the last two bullets were necessary. There were certain spaces designated for teachers, and there were designated spaces for students. Everybody knew where they were supposed to park. Everything worked out fine.

All of this seems like little more than an unnecessary burden on students who certainly have better things to do with their summer than take a class and a quiz on how to park.

I have reached out to CHS Principal John Yore yesterday for comment, but have not received a reply at the time of publication.