A Second Chance To Get It Right

It's time the Wicomico County Council names Carl Anderton to lead the County

A little less than a month ago, I wrote about how the Wicomico County Council screwed the pooch in not selecting Delegate Carl Anderton to replace the late Bob Culver as County Executive.

A month later, Wicomico County is still without a County Executive after the selection and bizarre withdrawal of Rene Desmarais.

The Council has opened up the process again and Anderton has again applied. County General Services Supervisor Lawrence Pate Matthews is the only other applicant for the post.

The Wicomico County Council will meet again this Friday and should take the opportunity to make the right decision.

As I wrote last month:

…nobody is a bigger cheerleader for the Eastern Shore in general and Wicomico County in particular than Carl Anderton. His executive experience as Mayor of Delmar and his experience and relationships established as a Delegate would pay immediate and substantial dividends for Wicomico County and its future. To ignore that because of some internecine party is absurd and shows certain Wicomico County Councilmembers, to wit Nicole Acle, Larry Dodd and Joseph Holloway, don’t have their priorities in order.

Councilmembers Acle, Dodd, and Holloway will have the opportunity to write this wrong. They will have the opportunity to follow the will of the people of Wicomico County, and they have the opportunity to make a decision to select a leader best positioned to move Wicomico County forward for the next two years.

In a vacuum, Mr .Matthews seems like he would be a cromulent choice. But realistically, there is no choice in this selection process.

The responsible, the prudent, and the right thing to do is for the Wicomico County Council the select Delegate Carl Anderton as their next County Executive.