All About Me: A Quick Introduction

Before writing my actual first post, I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself. My name is Jim Fossel, and I’m from the great state of Maine, where I write a weekly column for the Portland Press Herald, the state’s largest daily newspaper. That column focuses on Maine politics from a conservative point of view, and it regularly inspires passionate responses from the paper’s liberal readers. However, I also frequently get attacked by Republicans, since I’m more than willing to criticize Donald Trump - that’s something that Brian and I have in common. Since I’m not a knee-jerk Never-Trumper any more than I am a diehard Trumpkin, that frequently confuses people who always see politics through the lens of how they feel about the current President, but that’s not how politics really works. I actually really care about issues, so I’m more than willing to point out when I agree with Trump and when I don’t. Unlike many writers on both the left and the right these days, I’m not willing to change my views simply because I want to condemn or praise him, and I’ll treat state and local elected officials the same way.

Here, though, I won’t be writing solely about politics, and I won’t be writing about Maine politics much at all. This venue affords me the opportunity to offer commentary on purely national (or international) political issues, which is a welcome change of pace. The blog format also gives me the chance to write quickly in response to events as they unfold, and to respond in a longer or shorter format than my weekly column typically does.

However, it also allows me to write about topics that don’t involve politics at all. I have a wide variety of other interests, including craft beer, music, sports, technology, and gaming (of all types), so I might write about any or all of those areas here - or even something completely different. I’m a lifelong Boston sports fan and a Patriots season ticket holder, so I’ll certainly be writing about those teams as every sport - except perhaps baseball - finally gets underway this season. I’m a real Patriots fan, so I’m actually looking forward to seeing what the team does now that Brady’s left - you won’t see me buying any Bucs jerseys.

I live in a state that many of you might visit once in a while (it’s called Vacationland for a reason), so I may also write about great places to see and interesting things to do up here north of New Hampshire. Maine’s a fantastic place, and I encourage all of you to visit (especially now that Gov. Janet Mills has eased the quarantine requirements). I’m glad to assist Brian in this new venture, and to help head up the Maine branch of The Duckpin.

Jim Fossel is a Maine native and weekly columnist for the Portland Press Herald who may be found easily on Twitter.