Baltimore City Comptroller Tapdances on Rush Limbaugh's Grave

Bill Henry made inappropriate, caustic comment on Instagram

When I wrote yesterday about Rush Limbaugh’s passing, I mentioned how:

He helped create the divisive national politics that continue to plague our country, manifested best by the wretched things being said today about Rush’s passing by some on the left.

Little did I expect a Batlimore City official would be among those.

On his Instagram today, Baltimore City Comptroller Bill Henry insulted Limbaugh’s memory by writing the following:

Sometimes, when someone passes away, you make a point of going to their funeral to show your respect for them. To mourn their passing and commiserate with others who loved them and feel the same sense of loss.

And other times, you go to make sure they're dead. #reallymostsincerelydead

While it’s expected that a Baltimore City Democrat may not have been a fan of Rush Limbaugh, you would expect that a career politician like Bill Henry would have some sort of filter. However, he did not.

Because Henry is a Baltimore City Democrat, don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology or any consequences to begall him. But to quote Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”