Candidate Survey: George McDermott for Congress, 4th District 2022 Primary Election Candidate Survey


Name *

George E McDermott

Age *

76 years old

County of Residence *

Prince George's County

Office Sought and District *

4th congressional seat US House of Representatives

Political Party *


Education *

High school 25 years of legal training/experiences and victims rights advocate

Career/Occupation *

contractor/developer/victims rights advocate histories at George's

Political Experience *

30 years experience exposing political/judicial/corporate and court corruption. I have attempted since 1995 to have meeting with your alleged agents all of who believe that they themselves are above the law and have some sort of community for failure to provide honest services to our citizens which appears to be in conflict with Title 8 USC 1481, which stated once an oath of office is taken citizenship is relinquished, thus you become a foreign entity, agency, or state. That means every public office is a foreign state, including all political subdivisions. (i.e. every single court and that courts personnel is considered a separate foreign entity) . Also see Title 22 USC (Foreign Relations and Intercourse) Chapter 11 identifies all public officials as foreign agents.

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Social Media Accounts *

Yahoo, George Facebook & Twitter.*

Why are you running for office? *

Mission and Purpose is to enlighten and educate my fellow citizens to the dangers of not holding our Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government accountable to our Constitution, which is the rule of law. Oaths of Office are required of each public servant and act as a contract of their employment / civic obligation / and duty as guardians of our Constitutuion. I, Gerge McDermott, after 72+ years have lived and worked through adversity and tragedy challenging my faith and belief that I was part of a larger picture within the univese, as having been privileged enough to be born an American citizen endowed with Life, Liberty, and Inaliable Rights. Rights granted by Founding Fathers enumerated in our Constitution and the binding documents our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights which is our RULE OF LAW.

Who do you consider your political role model, and why? *

George Washington, Thomas Paine,Thomas Jefferson. As a founding fathers United States of America unincorporated concerned with the life, liberty, and welfare of all as enumerated our declaration of independence enumerated Bill of Rights

What is your favorite book about politics and policy, and why? *

the writings of Thomas Paine and Adams and Jefferson.

What will be your top priority if elected? *

It will be my top priority is to demand answers to the ramifications of the published and recorded December 9th 1945 International Organization Immunities Act relinquished every public office of the United States to the United Nations. As published by and available at—-000- notes.html which clearly states. GOVERNMENT AGENT ACTING AS AN [OFFSHORE] STATUTE MERCHANT Whatever the form in which the Government functions, anyone entering into an arrangement with the Government takes the risk of having accurately ascertained that he who purports to act for the Government stays within the bounds of his authority. The scope of this authority may be explicitly defined by Congress or be limited by delegated legislation, properly exercised through the rule-making power. And this is so even though, as here, the agent himself may have been unaware of the limitations upon his authority. See, e.g., Utah Power & Light Co. v. United States, 243 U.S. 389. 409, 391; United States v. Stewart, 311 U.S. 60, 70, 108, and see, generally, In re Floyd Acceptances, 7 Wall. 666); and indicates that NEITHER THE FOR PROFIT GOVERNMENT NOR THE [FOREIGN] STATUTE MERCHANT/AGENT HAS ACCESS TO SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY. and what of the US organic Constitution and Bill of Rights is still the preeminent rule of law in our Republican form of Governmentwhich is been hijacked by the American Bar Association and its members as corporate insiders. Title 28 U.S.C. 3002 Section 15A states that the United States is a Federal Corporation and not a Government, including the Judiciary Procedural Section,That the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 4j

What are the three biggest issues facing your district? *

these issues do not only affect my district, but all political districts throughout the nation. (1). Corporate political and judicial abuses and lack of transparency/adherence to the rule of law and and the wholesale deprivation of our citizens legal rights and remedies of our noncorporate citizens by the courts their incestuous affiliation with American Bar Association and its agents hell-bent on destruction of our Constitution and legal rights. (2). Lack of any legal accountability on corporate political and judicial officers agents and assigns abusing the rights liberties of our citizens in violation of our organic Constitution and rule of law , thereby covering up the corporate frauds of their fellow officers. (3). The growing threat of civil disobedience and disrespect of our law enforcement and its officers and agents by left-wing organizations such as witnessed on attack on the capital of the United States. January 6, 2021 and the courts/DOJ officers and agents failure to charge the agent structure, Congress each and every case. As the standard of of obstruction of Congress was set by the US courts in the matter of the United States v.Elena R. Sassower the programs 1467 103.

What are the three biggest issues facing our country? *

(1). Climate change if not addressed will ultimately end in the death of our planet (2). Political partisanship for the 535 members of the house and Senate put their own personal needs above the constituents has sworn to represent giving favoritism to corporate insiders and corporate lobbyists to the detriment of our society full accountability and transparency needs to be restored to our political process which is now controlled by corporate donations to political campaigns one man one vote as our founders intended. (3). Corporate and political corruption aided by the court's unwillingness to address corporate corruption now because this nation of thousand times plus financial losses every year criminal misconduct charged, as FBI /DOJ reports confirm.

What is your position on life issues? (abortion, assisted suicide) *

(1). I believe the abortion issue has been decided by the courts a woman's right to choose should not be a political issue. That is decided by which organization contributes money to candidates campaign to assert their views and thereby violate the rights of other citizens. (2). my view is assisted suicide equates to all citizens right to to die with dignity. Many states have already adopted this laws enabling assisted suicide is a personal choice based on deprivation of quality of life which these victims can never recover from based on medical information to them and their families. A greater issue here is preventing corporate lawyers and probate courts from stealing the assets of the deceased through protracted litigation abuse which I am many many many times.

What is your position on taxes, spending, and the federal deficit? *

All societies are subject to taxes to support their lawful governments acting within their enumerated constitutions /of law to provide honest services citizens who are being taxed. However in accordance with Title 28 U.S.C. 3002 Section 15A states that the United States is a Federal Corporation and not a Government, including the Judiciary Procedural Section That the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 4j one must wonder why the federal and state corporations receiving these taxes and their agents and assigns continually allow waste fraud and abuse by private and other public corporations costing this nation trillions of dollars a year in losses. While at the same time viciously attacking private citizens for alleged violations of the tax code, seizing their properties, seizing their businesses, and selling these assets off to insider while not providing honest services to our citizens. This candidate has reported corruption waste fraud and abuse in the state and federal courts, as well as the United States Tax Court as a whistleblower, 25 + years as court records will attest to the US Tax Court, Washington DC case # #2538 – 20 W 99.99% whistleblower cases dismissed with unsigned orders. Why is this

What is your position on gun rights? *

While I believe the Second Amendment of our forefathers granted the unequivocal right to bear arms and protection of one's property hundreds of years later the uncontrolled distribution guns and firearms of all types which are non-registered and sold without background threatens our society as a whole. Not to mention the tens of thousands victims death and injuries due to gun violence every year. and a law abiding society as of right to civil protection, I support comprehensive laws to prevent distribution and sale of firearms and weapons that threaten our civil rights and liberties to equal protection under the law

What is your position on the legalization of marijuana? *

I personally fear the long-term's affect legalization of this product as a recreational drug without the FDA's approval due to the consequences on secondary exposure to all, including the minor children being subject to this smoke making future addicts of our children

What is your position on trade? *

I believe in the Second Amendment. But I'll also believe the right to bear arms is not supersede the rights of other citizens to public safety and accountability the NRA listed me as a zero because I believe in responsible gun ownership, training, storage, reporting and registry to keep the supply on guns and weapons out of the hands of those who would use these weapons to harm intimidate and threaten others with.

What is your position on foreign policy and military issues? *

As a member of the world community due to recorded documents December 26, 1933 49 Statute 3097 Treaty Series 881 ( Convention on Rights and Duties of States ) stated CONGRESS replaced STATUTES with international law, placing all STATES under international law ON December 9, 1945, the International Organization Immunities Act relinquished every public office of United States to United Nations. and also the actions of Title 28 U.S.C. 3002 Section 15A states that the United States is a Federal Corporation and not a Government, Our foreign and military issues are being hampered by political partisanship and political posturing for personal political gain by the 535 members of our house and Senate putting the parties issues and party loyalty above their loyalty to the Constitution of the United States of America, unincorporated. We have now walked away from 3rd failed police action in a foreign nation of Afghanistan a 20-year-old war that's cost our treasury trillions of dollars in losses and has created an international human rights crisis was a massive loss standing in the world communities the children take decades to recover from ever. once again, political corruption and cronyism and waste fraud and abuse on Americans resources is the cause of this humiliation partisan infighting between the parties in the house and Senate must stop before they destroy our nation as a world leader. It's imperative that the citizens of the United States of America demand accountability of our corporate government agents to identify where the record their legal standing to Our citizens WHO need to know the legal consequences imposed on our government through the "That the Pan American treaty of 12-26-1933 (49 STAT 3097) Treaty Series 881 – (Convention on Rights and Duties of States) stated CONGRESS replaced STATUTES with international law, that has never been ratified by constitutional by constitutional amendment "That the Pan American treaty of 12-26-1933 (49 STAT 3097) Treaty Series 881 – (Convention on Rights and Duties of States) stated CONGRESS replaced STATUTES with international law, Our citizens need to know That the International Reorganization Rescind Act- Congress put this into form but they never took action to rescind the act. Fairly recently an Ohio judge filed suit claiming that Congress did not have the right to relinquish government authority over to the UN (a corporation or foreign country) and that the Congressional act was a constitutional violation because they didn’t put it to the States or the people to agree on it. In 2005 the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case therefore all public offices are under UN jurisdiction & they are not American Citizens..

Would you support the passage of the Human Life Amendment? *


Would you support the passage of the Balanced Budget Amendment? *


Do you support D.C. Statehood? *


Do you support retrocession of the District of Columbia into Maryland? *


Was Joe Biden legitimately elected President of the United States in the November 2020 Election? *


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