Clown Announces Run for Governor

The Delegate From QAnon has decided to make a fool for himself

Just when you thought it was safe to look at the Governor’s race, a total clown has decided to grace us with his presence.

Delegate Dan Cox has filed paperwork to open a campaign committee to run for Governor.

Cox is most famous for saying outrageous and dumbass things after the 2020 Presidential Election. Among them is accusing Governor Larry Hogan of being a Chinese spy, tweeting using QAnon hashtags, accusing Vice-President Mike Pence of being a traitor, and suggested children seeking mental health services were akin to Jewish children who were tortured in concentration camps.

Cox was also the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Hogan Administration related to the COVID-19 pandemic, wherein Cox made bombastic claims that the Hogan Administration threatened Cox with arrest.

This has to be some sort of joke. Somebody had to put Cox up to this, because he can’t possibly believe that he has shot of getting through this primary. Not that Democrats don’t desperately want that to happen; some candidates are already trying to garner support based off of Cox’s filings.

A Cox candidacy benefits the Democrats so much that you’d almost have to think that Cox is on a Democratic payroll.

It’s hard to imagine that Cox could even run a focused campaign as it relates to Governor. Prior to locking down his Twitter feed after his January 6th involvement, his feed was full of national nonsense and conspiracy theories. Little to nothing related to the state of Maryland, much less his current role as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates. One can only image that his gubernatorial run will be a greatest hits montage of these outbursts in an effort to gin up support from Trump voters who would probably otherwise not vote in a Republican gubernatorial primary.

Considering that Cox skipped work a third of the time during the 2021 session, it’s easy to make a case that Maryland won’t tolerate a governor not willing to actually do the job.

Dan Cox is a joke that nobody of consequence takes seriously. One prominent Annapolis Republican said about Cox’s candidacy, “Silver lining is he’ll be out of the House.” His quixotic candidacy will be little more than conspiracy theories and grievance mongering among those who are otherwise disengaged from state politics. But ultimately, Cox’s campaign will accomplish nothing other than help Maryland Democrats.