Cox Accuses Hogan of Being A Chinese Spy

Republican Delegate goes to Twitter to engage in more conspiracy mongering

Maryland Delegate Dan Cox (R-Frederick) took to Twitter yesterday to accuse Governor Larry Hogan of being a Chinese spy.

In three tweets replying to fellow traveler Sidney Powell, Cox posted three pictures of Governor Hogan with Chinese officials related to a trade deal Hogan signed with China in 2017.

These Tweets are some of the stupidest things I have seen related to Maryland Politics all year. And we’ve seen a lot this year.

The Tweets fit in nicely with the current state of Cox’s Twitter feed, where he has consistently beclowned himself. Ostensibly a member of the Maryland General Assembly, Cox uses his Twitter feed to spread all sorts of debunked nonsense about the Presidential Election, COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and other topics. He has also called for Congress to invalidate the Presidential Election results.

It is unclear if Cox will take time off from Tweeting about national politics to attend to his actual duties as an elected official focusing on issues before the Maryland House of Delegates when the General Assembly returns on January 13th.

Delegate Dan Cox’s behavior is beyond embarrassing. He is an embarrassment to the General Assembly and an embarrassment to the Maryland Republican Party.