Cox Continues Constant and Clownish Conspiracy Chatter

It's not a state issue, but the Frederick County Delegate is continuing to carry Donald Trump's Water

It has nothing to do with the role of a Governor, by that’s not stopping Delegate Dan Cox from continue to spread discredited information about the 2020 Election.


Earlier this week, Cox was actively promoting the sparsely attended Mike Lindell “Cyber Symposium” in South Dakota.

Ironically, Lindell’s own expert said the entire thing was bogus, but that didn’t stop Cox from peddling the Big Lie anyway.

Nor is it stopping Cox from traveling to Pennsylvania to speak at an “Audit the Vote Rally”

What an obscure Maryland Delegate has to do with two of the leading clowns that are demanding audits in Arizona and Pennsylvania has probably more to do with Mastriano’s endorsement of Cox than it does anything else.

(This video, incidentally is a trip, certainly made by somebody who had too much fun with free online editing software of some sort)

Incidentally, Mastriano’s audit has been quoted as causing “unncessary chaos” with Pennsylvania’s election processes.

State Senator Wendy Rogers, another speaker at the rally, is even more disconnected from reality. A champion of mass imprisonments, Rogers’ twitter feed is a dumpster fire of conspiracy theories, racism, and weapons grade stupidity.

Why anybody would want to share a stage with Mastriano and Rogers is beyond me under normal circumstances. Why anybody in Cox’s position, somebody running for Governor in a competitive state, would want to do it is politically suicidal and somebody who is not running to be governor but instead to be a political martyr.

I understand that Dan Cox and his supporters live in a bubble, oblivious to facts, reason, and perception. But even I’m impressed how committed Cox is to the bit. Cox’s constant and clownish conspiracy chatter, however, is not going to win him friends, supporters, or elections. And it seems as if there is no likelihood of its impending abatement.