Cox Misspells Running Mate's Name in Fundraising Solicitation

Doomed Dan Cox is Charles Lollar 2.0

A fundraising invitation for a Dan Cox for Governor fundraiser later this week misspells the name of Cox’s running mate.

You will note that Cox’s running mate is Gordana Schifannelli, not “Shifanelli” as the botched invitation spells.

At least he didn’t call her “Gordon” like Kim Klacik did….

This snafu is reminiscent of Charles Lollar’s “Achive the Dream” bus snafu in the early days of his campaign.

Nor is it the first time that Cox has failed spelling, as his lawsuit against Maryland during the early days of COVID was riddled with misspellings and typos.

At least Cox hasn’t obtained a bus with out of state plates…..yet.

Between the contradiction in positions, the abandonment of Maryland, and now this, it is clear that Dan Cox is Charles Lollar 2.0; a self-important candidate with delusions of grandeur who does not have the basic competence to run a campaign, much less serve as Governor. Lollar superfans laughed off his incompetence and insisted that “he was the only conservative candidate” and “the only candidate who could win” while cruising to 15.5% of the vote.

At this point, Cox might be lucky to get that much…