Cox Running Mate Calls Hogan "Imposter Republican"

Schifanelli Calls Trump "the real United States Patriot"


Attorney Gordana Schifanelli, running mate of Delegate Dan Cox, referred to Governor Larry Hogan as an “Imposter as a Republican.”

The Duckpin obtained a screenshot from Schifanelli’s locked account with the accusation.

Schifanelli’s Tweet is a reference to the viral (and accurate) tweet from Governor Hogan pointing out an obvious fact.

It’s bizarre that Schifanelli would call Hogan an “Imposter Republican” when Hogan has been a Republican literally his entirely life, even more so in comparison to Donald Trump who became a registered Republican right before he announced his Presidential campaign in 2015 and was a major donor to Hillary Clinton.

Also an odd accusation coming from Schifanelli, who has never voted in a Maryland gubernatorial primary.

It’s also bizarre that Schifanelli would call Trump “the Real United States Patriot” when Trump so regularly disrespects our founders, our election process, his own Vice-President, Congress, the Constitutional norms of not supporting violent acts against our own government and our basic constitutional system of governance in general, but as I have mentioned before there is something in the Kool-Aid up in Camp Cox.

What all of this shows me, in reality, is that the Cox/Schifanelli ticket is going to run nothing more than a scorched Earth campaign focused more on Larry Hogan than anything else. It almost seems like they have already concluded (like the rest of us have) that Dan Cox can’t win so the most important thing they can do is damage any chance of Larry Hogan running for President in 2024.

Hogan is going to, of course, show no quarter to Cox and Schifanelli.

If this is the campaign that Cox and Schifanelli want to run, it will be at their own peril.