Brian, so, if you and your band of RINOS are so damn sure that these claims are bogus why not fly out to South Dakota and claim the 5 million dollars from Lindell? It's absolutely disgraceful, that you continue to push PROPAGANDA to the people of Annapolis and vicinity. The CIA'S "FRACTIONAL VOTING ALGORITHM SYSTEM been corrupting MARYLAND for decades..Just think you all will never have to work again ?

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Brian, I appreciate you trying to provide reasons for the voter numbers Dan, Seth, and many others are questioning. Seth is only looking at trends using historical numbers and using the trends to make a prediction, a hypothesis. In the times of "follow the science", let's use the scientific method to prove or disprove the hypothesis.

A quick analysis of Anne Arundel County using publicly available state and county data appears to show a huge increase in the number of voters for Biden over past presidential elections. The raw numbers show a +44k (35%) increase for Biden over Clinton's 2016 numbers at the same time Trump gained votes, +5k (4%). The third party candidates lost 10k. If you assume all lost third party votes went to Biden then he still gained 34k (26%) votes over Hillary, still a whopping number.

Where did the 34k votes come from? There were not that many new Dem registrations assuming new GOP registrations voted for Trump. Could it be a large number of "inactive" voters voted in 2020?

The groups I am familiar with want to answer that question and a few other questions. They want a thorough analysis of all the data, the "whole truth".

A fair and transparent election is paramount to our republic. People want a full forensic audit to regain trust in our system, trust is something that is hard to maintain and easy to lose.

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