Donald Trump Endorsing Dan Cox Is Pointless Noise

Nothing will change after this endorsement. The Math Doesn't Lie


So that’s not gonna work out.

Yes, it’s true that Trump has endorsed Cox for Governor of Maryland.

Everything about this endorsement is bizarre. The timing is weird. Most Trump supporters in Maryland didn’t want him to get involved. Trump misspells Kelly Schulz’s name in the statement, which is the Bingo that most people needed after Cox and others had spelling challenges recently. And it still isn’t even the weirdest thing related to Cox I’ve seen today.

Look, Cox has been probably salivating this moment for a long time. He has spent most of the his time in office practically worshipping the ground that Trump walks on. Cox has been wearing the kneepads for years, probably before he ever thought about running for Governor.

And yet, it still doesn’t matter.

Kelly Schulz campaign Communications Director Mike Demkiw sent the following statement:

"Kelly Schulz’s life experience, credentials, and record of accomplishment make her uniquely qualified to lead this state. She is proud to have stood next to Governor Hogan over the last 8 years as they fought to make Maryland a better, safer, and more affordable place to live and raise a family. Don’t be fooled – Kelly Schulz is the only Republican who can win this race and the only person running who has the strength and ability to prevent the Maryland legislature from passing any law and tax they wish."

And that’s the bottom line right there. Dan Cox can’t win. The numbers from the Goucher Poll back it up, as I have previously written about.

The numbers don’t lie. Maryland voters don’t want the kind of nonsense Trump brings to the table.

What makes the Trump endorsement of Cox even more politically tone deaf is the fact that most Republicans don’t even like him. People in the House of Delegates, most of whom are far more conservative than he is, can’t wait for Cox to be gone. They think he is an egotistical grandstander who cares more about publicity than results. It’s hard to argue with them, either. It’s not a coincidence that not a single elected official has endorsed Cox’s campaign.

It should also not go unnoticed that many of the most vocal Trump supporters in the Maryland GOP are firmly behind Kelly Schulz. It is clear that Trump did not talk to anybody on the ground in Maryland before making this decision or that if he did talk to somebody, such as Trump inner circle member and Maryland Republican National Committeeman David Bossie, that they did not get through to him the reality of the situation.

Ultimately, Trump’s endorsement is going to make it harder to beat a far left Democrat next year. A Trump endorsement will trigger more out of state money supporting Cox than he would receive otherwise, forcing the Schulz campaign to spend more money than they otherwise would in a primary and losing the cash on hand advantage that Schulz would otherwise have against a Democratic candidate that will certainly need to spend everything to win their clown car car primary.

Can’t imagine Trump watched this either.

Of course, Trump doesn’t care about that. He only cares about make sure somebody who spends their life flattering him gets a bone.

Either way. Donald Trump getting involved in the race is meaningless. The endorsement is pointless noise in a race that Cox is still going to get creamed in on Election Day. The Math Does Not Lie when it comes to what Maryland voters want. And yet the only thing that Trump is accomplishing with this endorsement is making it harder for a Republican to win the race next year solely for the purpose of feeding his own ego.