Dorchester Republican Central Committee Stumping For Cox

Central Committee Violating Maryland Republican Party Bylaws

The Dorchester County Republican Central Committee is violating Maryland Republican Party bylaws regarding supporting candidates in contested primaries.

The Dorchester Central Committee Facebook page today posted a call today for interested parties to contact the Central Committee to obtain a Dan Cox for Governor sign.

This is not the only time that the Dorchester Republican Central Committee overtly promoted Cox’s candidacy. A search of the Committee’s Facebook page shows more than a dozen posts promoting Cox’s candidacy for Governor, including Cox’s demand that Governor Larry Hogan resign.

Why a Republican Central Committee is sharing the call of a Republican Delegate for the Republican Governor to resign is beyond me.

A further search of the Committee’s page shows that the Committee has shared no information about Kelly Schulz’s candidacy, Joe Werner’s candidacy or Michael Steele’s potential candidacy. Robin Ficker’s campaign was only mentioned once.

The Maryland Republican Party and its Central Committees are prohibited from endorsing candidates in contested Republican primaries. Additionally, Republican Central Committee members are prohibited from using their positions to endorse candidates. They are free to support candidates, but may not do so using their official title.

The Dorchester Republican Central Committee has not responded to my request for comment.

EDIT: 3:31 PM, 10/6

Unsurprisingly, the Committee shared a Kelly Schulz post today after this story was published last night.