Episode #11: WBAL Radio's Andrew Langer

We talk turkey......literally

This week we talk with WBAL Radio’s Andrew Langer about….Thanksgiving music and food!

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About the Episode: In this episode we discuss;

  • Why there are only a limited number of popular songs about Thanksgiving;

  • Best practices and methods for cooking your Turkey;

  • Tips on how to make your stuffing and how to make the perfect gravy;

  • Techniques on how to make a casserole without the ubiquitous cream of mushroom soup;

  • Why ever kitchen should have duck fat readily available, and so much more!

About the Guest: Andrew Langer is the host of The Andrew Langer Show on WBAL Radio in Baltimore. He is also the President of the Institute for Liberty, a professor at the College of William & Mary, and a long-time activist for free markets. In his spare time, he an avid cook and is a member of a competition barbecue team with his brothers.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter at @Andrew_Langer, on Facebook, on his radio show Facebook page.