Episode #27: Jim Braswell on Equity in Public Schools

We discuss the recent controversy in Anne Arundel County over what is being taught to students

This week we talk with attorney, businessman, writer, and parent Jim Braswell about the Equity Debate in public schools.

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About the Episode: In this episode we discuss;

  • How Braswell became aware of public school teachings about equity;

  • Why he chose to write about these issues at both The Duckpin and in The Capital;

  • The reaction that he has had to his piece;

  • Conversations he had with Bob Mosier from the Anne Arundel County Board of Ed;

  • His research on the Southern Poverty Law Center and how the group producing materials for equity education has its own sordid issues;

  • How Americans are missing the ball on other issues in this country, including human trafficking;

  • The way forward for parents and leaders.

About the Guest: Jim Braswell is an attorney, businessman, writer, and father of three living in Pasadena.