Images of Baltimore

A Trip to Downtown Baltimore unlike you've ever seen it

I went to Downtown Baltimore recently. I saw images that I have never seen before.

Of course, I’m not talking about Baltimore, Maryland. I drove 45 minutes one way from my vacation rental in southern Vermont to find a different sort of Baltimore.

If you drive north on State Highway 103 out of Chester, VT, you run into State Route 10. Take a right on State Route 10, and make a left turn on Chandler Road. Drive three miles of gravel and dirt roads up and down the hills of rural Vermont, and you will eventually turn left onto Baltimore Road.

A few thousand feed up that road, on the right, you will see the Town Office of Baltimore, Vermont.

Baltimore is a 4.7 square mile town in Windsor County. The population at the 2010 Census was 244 people. That’s it. These images of Baltimore’s Town Hall are, quite literally, the only images you can really get of Downtown Baltimore.

What else is there? Trees and driveways leading to the homes of Baltimore’s residents. Literally. This is the Google Street View image of the Town Office. That’s what you see.

The only other item of note through the entire town was the Baltimore Memorial Plaque, located at the Town Cemetery.

Unfortunately when I visited, the Town Office was closed; they’re only open four hours a week, after all. I would have loved the opportunity to chat with some locals about the town and its history.

Vermont is full of small towns, most larger but some smaller, like Baltimore for visitors to see and understate how much different two places with the same name can be. For my money, I’ll take these smaller towns over a lot of summertime “destinations.”

For more information about Baltimore, Vermont, visit their town website.