Introduction and 35 Facts

My name is Jimmy. I’m writing to help my friend Brian. I’m not going to pen endless columns that bore you by the second paragraph. I hope to entertain by posting short. Rather than bloviate about myself, the following will give you what you can expect from future columns. Here are 35 facts.

1. Human trafficking is a $150 billion dollar a year industry. 1 in 7 reported runaways are likely a victim of child sex trafficking. If you suspect any incidents of human trafficking the National Human Trafficking Hotline is 1-888-373-7888

2. MLB needs to get its act together or lose me as a fan forever

3. Read Thomas Sowell

4. My family is my world

5. The 91 Redskins are one of the most underrated Super Bowl teams of all time

6. If they kneel a second time the 91 Redskins will be the last Redskins Super Bowl I will ever watch 

7. I will likely be watching plenty of college football this fall

8. 60’s Welfare Reform destroyed the American family and dramatically increased crime

9. Jaws is the greatest horror movie of all time

10. Hemingway is the greatest author of all time

11. Christopher Nolan deserves more praise

12. J.J. Abrams deserves less

13. Stephen King books put me to sleep. Bachman does not. Weird

14. Austin vs. Hart at Wrestlemania 13 is the greatest psychological wrestling match ever.  Hogan vs. Rock is a close second

15. The current WWF product is trash. So is AEW

16. Asuka is the only saving grace of WWF right now

17. People forget about Savage vs. Steamboat. Flair vs. Sting at Clash a close second

18. Seriously, read Thomas Sowell

19. The Coronavirus response was severely overhyped and devoid of sanity. Brian Griffiths is a close second

20. Transformers beats out G.I. Joe and Masters of the Universe

21. West Coast IPAs are better than NEIPAs. Jai Alai is currently my favorite IPA

22. There’s a difference between stouts and porters. My wife likes porters

23. Learn how to brew beer. If the apocalypse happens, you’ll be a valued member of your community

24. Ghost Rider is my favorite comic book character

25. Play Rugby

26. Skyrim still holds up after almost a decade. I forget where I’m at and turn it off after 15 minutes

27. The Shield is one of the greatest TV series ever 

28. George Washington had cantaloupes

29. I bought a bunch of Carnival Cruise Line stock around $8.00/share, Boeing at $100/share

30. Tom Cruise is a five foot nothing. If they make a Willow sequel, Tom Cruise should play Willow

31. Scott Hall should be booking for WWE

32. Arya shouldn’t have killed the Night King

33. Indiana Jones is better than Star Wars

34. If you haven’t read about the Battle of Trenton you really should

35. Why does the WNBA exist?