Kim Klacik: A Fool and Her Money

Twice-failed Congressional Candidate can't get over it

Kim Klacik is beyond ridiculous.

Since President Donald Trump has refused to concede the Presidential Election by asserting voter fraud, Kim Klacik has decided that she too is going to lose without dignity.

Yes, a candidate that loss by 44 percent of the vote is asserting voter fraud.

Now we understand that Kim Klacick has never been attached to political reality, but she doesn’t even get her facts right. As The Sun reports and the State Board of Elections Data confirms:

Klacik is losing by a nearly 5-to-1 margin in mail-in voting, with the margin most pronounced in Baltimore City. Mfume has received 125,137 mail-in votes and Klacik 25,765 so far. She came closest to Mfume in the returns from in-person voting on Election Day: 21,553 people voted for Mfume to 17,506 for Klacik.

Don’t forget: this is an improvement on Klacik’s 74%-25% blowout loss back in the June special election.

This is embarrassing for Klacik, who is widely seen as somebody whose knowledge of politics, political theory, and government is limited. It’s one reason why she often parrots whatever Donald Trump is doing. Talk about the blind leading the blind…

This is embarrassing for everybody who donated to Klacik. Beyond the fact that Klaick used her donor’s money to fly on private planes to out of district events two weeks before the election, the fact that she has $2.5 million remaining in her campaign account to do stunts like this.

This is embarrassing for the Maryland Republican Party and the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee. Klacik is a member of the Baltimore County Central Committee and instead of working to build the party, she is continuing to draw attention by making a fool of herself. Every dollar Klacik spends on this sham investigation is a dollar that she could have donated to campaigns and party committees instead.

It’s even embarrassing for President Trump. He endorsed her, he put his imprimatur behind her, and now she’s making a mockery of his claims to election fraud. The Trump campaign’s claims of fraud were already tenuous to nonexistent, but when Klacik and other candidates who got blown out now claim they lost by election fraud, it makes the whole enterprise look like sour grapes…..which it is.

Klacik’s fifteen minutes are just about up, and her clown show can’t end soon enough.