Lead Cox Cheerleaders Also Can't Spell Gordana Schifanelli's name either

Frederick County Conservative Club becomes the latest to fail spelling while the lawyer's name. It's S-C-H-I-F-A-N-E-L-L-I

There must be something in the Kool-Aid in Camp Cox.

Days after it was discovered that Doomed Dan Cox could not spell his running mate’s name, it turns out that he isn’t the only one.

Cox’s lead cheerleaders, the bumbling crew up at the Frederick County Conservative Club, misspelled Schifanelli’s name in multiple posts on their Facebook page in an advertisement for an upcoming event featuring the attorney and newly-minted politician.

In addition to the graphic above, it is also clearly misspelled on their Facebook page *and* on their website.

Both posts also epically butcher the spelling of “camaraderie”

No word yet on how Frederick County Conservative Club leadership will blame Larry Hogan, Kelly Schulz, “RINOs”, “The Establishment” or “The Deep State” for the bungling of Schifanelli’s name, which has so far ensnared an intellectual Murderers’ Row that includes the Club, Cox, and Kim Klacik.