NFL Preview: Week 12

Be thankful dammit

Week 5 record: 6-9

Overall record: 65-98-2

La Cerradura De El Padre: 8-3

Another week, another amazing performance of missing picks. On the plus side, my analysis was excellent last week, as I have already broken down everything I got wrong. So that saves a lot of time. I should probably do that again this week, or update my Power Rankings, but we are going to save that, since it’s Thanksgiving week. In order to honor the spirit of Thanksgiving, we need to look at every single team (even you Lions) and offer up something that every fan can be thankful for. As a bonus, we are going to assign each team a Thanksgiving food item to represent them. Let’s jump right into it.

Arizona Cardinals: A well cooked Turkey and their GMs ability to self-reflect

People have a wide variety of opinions on turkey, usually based on their own experiences with it. If you have ever had a properly cooked turkey, you know just how delicious it can be, whether it is smoked, spatchcocked (my move), fried or just really well brined and seasoned and cooked at the right temperature for the right time in an oven. Most people have had turkey that is too dry, because cooking a gigantic turkey in a regular old oven pretty much guarantees that. The Cardinals have been smoking these turkeys out here, and it is delicious. As for what Arizona is thankful for, they are thankful that their GM Steve Keim quickly recognized his mistake taking Josh Rosen, who has never once produced a quality NFL start, and took Kyler Murray one season later. He fired the coach he hired that same Josh Rosen season after one season as well, and replaced him with Kliff Kingsbury. Those two quick decisions set the course for this team to be a Super Bowl contender. If he waits even one season too long… they are still stuck in total irrelevance.

Atlanta Falcons: Cranberry Sauce With Actual Cranberries In It and Kyle Pitts

The Falcons are once again trending toward total irrelevance. The bitter taste of cranberries (just horrifying without a truckload of sugar) is a good metaphor for the way this team teases their fans over an over again without any meaningful sustained joy. Even their Super Bowl trips are forever tainted with bitterness. I personally like cranberry sauce with real cranberries, but let’s be honest, it’s not a dish you are focusing on, and the less you can pay attention to the Falcons the better. For the city of Atlanta, it’s another lost year, but Kyle Pitts has already shown he can deliver big plays, and his physical attributes translate to the NFL. Tight end is one of the toughest for a rookie, and he has already been putting up great numbers. The future is bright for him.

Baltimore Ravens: Stuffing and John Harbaugh

Stuffing is absolutely delicious and it is definitely a go to for enjoyment on Thanksgiving. And the Ravens are definitely a good team. The catch is that stuffing is probably the least healthy thing you could possibly eat, and if the stuffing doesn’t lead to a heart attack, then rooting for the Ravens certainly will. I have expressed concern for this site’s host in this space before, and I will do it again. If the Ravens don’t get serious and stop winning by four to the Bears, you can expect me to take over this site from Brian by Christmas. Let’s just say the content would start skewing wildly toward the kind of nonsense nobody comes here to read. The one thing the Ravens can count on is that John Harbaugh will give this group the best chance to win each week, regardless of injuries or limitation. Lamar Jackson is a great player, but if it weren’t for Harbaugh embracing him warts and all, his career arc could be a lot different.

Buffalo Bills: Mac and Cheese and Stephon Diggs

The Bills are a very confusing team, and Mac and Cheese is a very confusing side dish at Thanksgiving. Does Mac and Cheese belong at the Thanksgiving table? I don’t think anyone is here to questions M and C bonafides. When baked with the right cheeses and crumb topping it is elite. But is it really a part of Thankgiving? Some people definitely think so. But do you even know how to cook it right? It’s not exactly a traditional Thanksgiving food. The Bills have a lot of the right ingredients, but are they elite? A lot of people think so. But do the Bills know how to put them together to be elite? They are not traditionally elite. As for happy thoughts, Stephon Diggs is probably better at his job than any other player on the Bills. The trade for him represents a watershed moment for this franchise that steered them from being just another team, to an actual Super Bowl contender. His elite play is the reason we are even having this conversation to begin with.

Carolina Panthers: Corn and Cam Newton

The Panthers started this season well enough, but quickly found themselves mired in a bad Sam Darnold. Then Sam had an incomplete tear of his shoulder muscle that sidelined him (yes, even a shoulder muscle tear is incomplete with Sam). In comes quite possibly the corniest story of the season. Cam Newton has returned to inject some life into the Panthers season. To be clear I am totally fine with corn and this corny story. Just like Cam Newton, you enjoy it, you think it is gone, and then you see it again in the same exact form later on. I know Cam isn’t a long term solution for the Panthers, but this season was going absolutely nowhere, and now at least it is fun. Fun failure is better than whatever horror Sam Darnold failure is.

Chicago Bears: Cranberry Sauce from a can and Justin Fields

Yes, it’s not as bitter as the cranberry sauce that has actual cranberries in it, but instead what you have is a fraudulent pile of sour, mealy Jello. Nothing is more fraudulent than that Ryan Pace/Matt Nagy combo that keeps telling you they are good at what they do despite all evidence showing that is not the case. Fresh off not being able to beat the Ravens without Lamar Jackson, they take on the Lions on Thanksgiving Day with the coaches job likely at stake. A loss here would indicate that Nagy has lost the team for good. On the plus side, Ryan Pace left at least one can in the cupboard of something edible with Justin Fields. Fields offers a tiny glimmer of hope for Bears fans that have had almost all hope stripped away. With a new GM surrounding him with better players and a coach that might have some idea of how to develop a talented player, this team could be good someday.

Cincinnati Bengals: Glazed Carrots and Ja’Marr Chase

Glazed Carrots are better than you typically remember or expect (I mean, how often do you really have glazed carrots). Typically, we undervalue them because they are carrots, and most of the time, carrots are fine, but not like, great or anything. This year, the Bengals are better than you would expect. Still, just like glazed carrots, this isn’t a dish you are really on the lookout for, but some of them will probably end up on your plate. As for the city of Cincinnati, they haven’t had a player as dynamic as Ja’Marr Chase since the heywhodey of AJ Green. Having a dynamic and explosive player can really make watching football a lot of fun. You can trust me, I am a Dolphins fan and haven’t seen an exciting offensive player since Ricky Williams was blowing by-people and pot.

Cleveland Browns: Brussel Sprouts and Nick Chubb

The Cleveland Browns can actually be good, if everything goes exactly right for them. Baker Mayfield can be effective when the running game is going, the offensive line is healthy, the other team has a weak secondary and his receivers get open. In the same way, if they are cooked absolutely perfectly, Brussel Sprouts can be good. Unfortunately for you, when you sit down at the table, there is a pretty good chance they weren’t, and you are probably just taking one sprout so Aunt Ethel won’t be offended. For the city of Cleveland, it has been a discouraging year, but at least they have one of the top running backs in the NFL. Chubb consistently produces more yards than expected on his carries, and his ability to grind out yards and TDs often keeps this team afloat against more offensively talented teams.

Dallas Cowboys: Pumpkin Pie and Dak Prescott

Pumpkin pie is an iconic dish, and the Cowboys are unquestionably an iconic team. However, pumpkin pie is just sort of ok on the taste front, and usually, the Cowboys are also just sort of ok as well. This year has seen the cowboys take a step up, which is basically like spraying some whipped cream on the pie. Adding to the improved outlook this year is the long term signing of franchise cornerstone Dak Prescott (the football equivalent of whipped cream). He probably isn’t the best QB in the NFL, but he is really darn good. It is so tough to find a player like Dak, so to get him in the 3rd round is a miracle for team that typically follows a false deity in Jerry Jones. If you weren’t sure how important Dak is, just re-watch some of those Cowboys games without him from last year.

Denver Broncos: Green Beans and Justin Simmons

Not to be confused with green bean casserole, regular green beans are just that, beans that are green in color. So too, the Broncos play average football that is largely devoid of fun or excitement. Since the Broncos have a pretty mediocre group all around, I want to take a minute to highlight a really good player who doesn’t get much attention but is actually really great. Pro-Bowler Justin Simmons might be the best safety in the NFL, but he doesn’t get much attention playing for a good defense with other good players. He is probably the best of that group, and he consistently puts forth great play for a team going nowhere fast. Broncos fans should be grateful to have him.

Detroit Lions: Turnips and Dan Campbell

The Lions are bad, and you know they are bad, and you knew they were going to be bad months ago. If you turn on your tv, and they are there, there is no doubt what you are getting. In the same way, you know turnips don’t taste good. Maybe you think they aren’t bad, but you KNOW they aren’t good. If you put one in your mouth, it’s on you. The turnips I mean. Don’t put the Lions in your mouth either though. As for the one shining ray this season for Lions fans, Dan Campbell’s passion and outlook are critical for a team that simply didn’t have a chance this year. He has stayed fully committed to winning and the players, which you need when night is at it’s darkest. A coach with negative energy would get killed in this environment (see Patricia, Matt), but Dan’s relentless drive and positivity will help the Lions get through this.

Green Bay Packers: Sweet Potato Casserole and Aaron Rodgers

This one elicits very strong opinions. I mean, people feel very strongly about Aaron Rodgers these days, and it’s hard to miss. Sweet Potato casserole also gets this designation, as people tend to love it or hate it. Overall, though, SPC tends to get more wins than losses, and it keeps showing up in the spread every year. Is it going to win the whole thing. Nah, probably not, but it’s gonna end up on most plates, and people seem to like it enough that it keeps going. Regardless of how you feel about the vaccine drama with Rodgers, as a packers fan, you have to see what it would be like if he left. The offensive drop off from him to Love was overwhelming, and dwarfed the drop off that was felt when players like Aaron Jones or Davante Adams missed games. Aaron Rodgers is still a really good quarterback, and those are so hard to find. If you have one, be grateful.

Houston Texans: Dry Turkey and Deshaun Watson’s trade value

A dry turkey might be the absolute worst food at Thanksgiving. Not only does it not taste good (and no amount of gravy can help), but you have deprived yourself and your guests of good turkey, your leftover sandwiches are ruined, and you have soiled the idyllic metaphor of Thanksgiving bounty. The Texans started out as a good idea, but they were not prepared properly, and the result is absolutely terrible. On the plus side for Texans fans, no matter how many women Deshaun Watson assaults, one thing that is consistent is that a team will have to give up three first round picks in order to put their home city in danger by acquiring him. So, that’s something to look forward to.

Indianapolis Colts: Green Bean Casserole and Quenton Nelson

Another regular of the Thanksgiving table, Green Bean Casserole is viewed as an upgrade from boring green beans, and I agree. I like those onions on top. The Colts are pretty boring for the most part, but they have some Jonathan Taylor sprinkled on top, which give them a little edge. While Jonathan Taylor has been a revelation this season, it’s clear that the running game, and the team as a whole, found it’s footing when Quenton Nelson got healthy. Nelson is probably the best guard in football, and his interior dominance gives this team a steady push up front. While Taylor has been making the most of these rush lanes, the lanes exist because Nelson exists. Always be grateful when you have the best of something on your team.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Your Drunk Uncle and James Robinson

The Jaguars are less like a food, and more like their head coach. They get drunk and do weird infuriating shit they shouldn’t and ruin it for everyone else. They are never really good, but something about being on TV seems to make them extra terrible. God help you when they are on. And one time a year, they are the only thing on (London game). As for hope, you might think I would go with Trevor Lawrence, who does have a lot of talent, and certainly fans are grateful for the potential he represents, but they should really be grateful for James Robinson, a really good NFL running back who keeps putting up good stats on a bad team despite being undrafted completely. He isn’t just good, he’s a bargain. Just like that Captain Morgan rum your uncle keeps putting in literally everything.

Kansas City Chiefs: Mashed Potatoes and Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs are pretty much always a delight, and usually their defense makes sure the other team is a delight as well. While the Chiefs have been kinda weird in recent weeks, I am going with their body of work in declaring them one of the absolute treasures of the season. Mashed potatoes are delicious by themselves, but they are also delicious with gravy, vegetables, turkey, and pretty much anything else on the plate that touches them. The same applies to the delight that is Patrick Mahomes, a fun loving ray of perfect energy. It’s so hard to dislike this guy, we have stooped to disliking his family members. Well, I enjoy the Chiefs, and I enjoy mashed potatoes. No regrets.

Las Vegas Raiders: Salad and Derek Carr

The Raiders are definitely a disappointment. You can always bank on them being pretty mediocre. So it is with any sort of salad that appears on a Thanksgiving table. The salad is there to carry the burden of convincing all of those present that the proceedings are balanced and healthy. Like putting a toddler on one side of a teeter totter and a piano on the other, the salad sits on one side of the continuum to balance out every other food on this list. Good luck with that. You are probably just better off not bothering on this one day. As for the Raiders, this has been a horrific year, and the only real saving grace is the ongoing competence of Derek Carr, who has also revealed himself to be a kind, caring and forgiving person (just like Derek). He would certainly need to be forgiving for all the times this franchise has let him down.

Los Angeles Chargers: Cornbread and Austin Ekeler

The Chargers can be really good or really bad, depending on the week and who they are playing. Last Sunday they put together a really fun, delightful game, while they have also had some real clunkers. In the same way, cornbread can be VERY hit or miss. Dry, crumbly cornbread is a huge downer, but it’s really easy to do. Cornbread, especially cornbread stuffing, can really improve your Thanksgiving situation if done in the right way, but the problem is, the chef often forgets to put in small things like “good special teams play”, a “functional kicker” and “either the creation of or avoidance of turnovers”. As for the positive, the Chargers do have young star Justin Herbert, but I just love what Austin Ekler is doing for short people like me. He has built his career as a very effective multi-dimension weapon, and as bonus, he is truly rewarding Chargers fans who took him early in fantasy this season. Cheers to the little man who makes the Bolts go.

Los Angeles Rams: Apple Pie and Matt Stafford

The Rams are a weird team. They are really good, and their record matches that of a good team, but do you just feel like something is missing with them? I do. Apple pie is really good, but it just sort of needs ice cream to really unlock it. I think the Rams were hoping Matt Stafford was ice cream. He is definitely at least whipped cream, but I am not sure he is ice cream. Meanwhile, Jared Goff was like when Apple pie is cold and doesn’t have a crumble top. It’s a no for me. So, at least Rams fans can be thankful for that upgrade. I really want Matt to succeed to make up for all the years he was stuck in Detroit, so hopefully he will. I like apple pie a lot after all.

Miami Dolphins: Jello Ring and Jaylen Waddle

Why do people make this? What is it about old people and their love of Jello? For the life of me, I have no idea why ground up horse hooves became a thing. Do people think the texture is fun? I don’t know. I also don’t why what the fuck the Dolphins are doing. They dumped their veterans, undercut their young QB (who looks pretty good by the way), haven’t extended their most consistent weapon, and continue to insist on not getting any good offensive lineman. They are the most confusing team in the NFL, and they are wasting an all time rookie season from Jaylen Waddle. Waddle has the most receptions of any rookie, despite spending half of the year so far with Jacoby Brissett who literally broke the hand of another wide receiver because he keeps throwing the ball at people ankles. If you have thought that Devonta Smith, Kyle Pitts or Ja’Marr Chase were the darlings of this rookie year, what if I told you Waddle has 50 percent more catches than them. Now imagine the Dolphins had a good offense and could throw the ball further than 10 yards to him. Remember, he was drafted as the fastest receiver in years. Scary stuff.

Minnesota Vikings: Ambrosia Salad and Justin Jefferson

The Vikings are constantly disappointing their fans, and I really can’t think of a dessert you could bring to Thanksgiving more disappointing than Ambrosia Salad. In what could best be described as a textural nightmare, this pile of awkward slime with chunks actually tastes ok. The Vikings are also usually ok. But that doesn’t mean I want them around, and it doesn’t mean you should bring them instead of something good. As for Justin Jefferson, what a star this kid is. He had the best offensive season ever for a rookie WR last year, and shows no sign of slowing down in year two. He singlehandedly saved this team from the fallout of the Stephon Diggs trade we mentioned earlier. Essentially, both teams ended up just fine after that trade was done, but only because Justin Jefferson turned out to be a superstar.

New England Patriots: Sweet Potato Pie and Stupid NFL teams

The Patriots are constantly being debated. Are they good? Are they evil? Are they good at football? Are they bad at football? The sweet potato pie vs. pumpkin pie debate surrounds Christmas like very few others, and it’s fair to say Bill Belichick vs. Tom Brady being the reason for the Pats success is also hotly debated in the same way. I am going to be hones. I have never had sweet potato pie. I want to though. I am not real big on pumpkin pie, so I am open to it losing that debate. I am pretty sure Tom Brady was the biggest piece of the Pats winning though. This season, the Pats should be immensely grateful for all of the dumb NFL teams who let NFL ready Mac Jones fall right to the Pats, without the inconvenience of having to move up. I don’t thank Mac Jones is likely to be a superstar, but he is already a pretty sure bet to have a solid NFL career like a Kirk Cousins or Derek Carr. Right now, most teams would KILL for player like that in the draft. Several teams like the Broncos and Panthers let him go, with no better options on the team, and none in the upcoming draft. I have no idea what some of these teams were thinking.

New Orleans Saints: Any Other Primary Meat (ham, chicken etc.) and Salary Cap Relief

I like a lot of different meats. I am definitely not a vegetarian. I definitely don’t like turkey more than several other meats. But there is one day you have turkey unless you are allergic to it or some weird shit like that. It’s Thanksgiving. The Saints are like this. They are almost always good, but this year, it just hasn’t really happened. Bad luck, quarterback transitions, a lack of ability to spend on free agents, and bad draft picks low in the order mean this team is just ok. In the same way, other meats are fine almost all of the time, just not this time. On the bright side, I noted this season and the money issue. The Saints have pushed all of their salary cap sins into this season, paying for a decade of ignoring the bill until the interest just got too big. They have consolidated into a home equity loan, and after this season is over, they can mostly go back to normal. They aren’t even that bad this year, for all the suffering. Hopefully the future can be better.

New York Giants: Creamed Corn and a New Regime

The Giants are absolutely awful and so is creamed corn. Creamed corn is the result of people asking seniors if there was something food companies could make less enjoyable so that they could eat it with dentures. There is no real reason to mush corn besides this. The closer corn stays to it’s natural form on the cob, the better it tastes. In this case, the corn is basically on the other side of the planet from the cob. The Giants are run by senior citizens who don’t want taunting or fun mixed into their football, so they also picked two of the most pretentious and self-affirming people on the planet to guide their team in Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge. Not surprisingly, neither is good at any aspect of their job. On the plus side, this figures to be the end of that nightmare for Giants fan, as both are very likely to be fired after this horrible season (as opposed to all of the other horrible seasons).

New York Jets: Tofu and Elijah Moore

My God the Jets are terrible. Tofu is also absolutely terrible. I don’t really have a problem with people being vegetarian. I get it. But why are you eating Tofu? It is a flavorless brick of protein that evoke Soylent Green more than turkey. Just don’t eat turkey. There are so many other good things you can eat without it being a problem. Why are you making a fake turkey out of an edible blob? The Jets are an absolute dumpster fire that already has a new regime and coach. So those aren’t going to be changed right now. Even the rebuild seems doomed, with Zach Wilson’s terrible start. The one ray of light is the sudden rise of rookie Elijah Moore who I am convinced will become an elite slot receiver. If you can figure out who to watch a Jets game and block everything else happening on the TV but him, I would say to go ahead and watch the Jets this weekend.

Philadelphia Eagles: Beer and Lane Johnson

The Eagles were pretty bad to start the year, but they have really found themselves in recent weeks. Beer is great. I really like Beer. Although, it can cause a LOT of problems at Thanksgiving. Beer is good in small doses, and the Eagles seem to be getting to that point. I don’t recommend going crazy and buying Jalen Hurst stock or anything, but they can do in a pinch. I am more of a wine guy for Thanksgiving myself. Meanwhile, the Eagles totally transformed their offense in Week 8. Guess who returned from a self-imposed sabbatical for mental health concerns in week 7? If you guessed Lane Johnson, that’s obvious from context clues. Johnson’s return coincided with the sudden explosion of ground gains for this team. His absences for parts of last year also coincided with the teams total collapse as well. He is the key to this team, and when he is healthy in his mind and body, few players are better at tackle.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Squash and TJ Watt

The Steelers have been around forever, and I am pretty sure squash has been around since the very first Thanksgiving. It’s usually in that cornucopia thing that I wouldn’t have spelled correctly without spell check. The Steelers have long been among the class of the NFL, and no one can question squash’s long term credentials. The problem is, there are a lot of better more popular vegetables that don’t take 45 minutes to prepare in the oven. Kind of like how there are a lot better QB options than Ben Roethlisberger who takes 45 minutes to get out of bed. The Steelers are fine overall, and I sort of like squash. On the bright side, TJ Watt is an absolute superstar, and this Sunday’s game without him, certified what a critical player he is for them. His sacks rate is the best EVER and it is very likely he will end his career in the Hall of Fame. It is so fun as a fan to watch an elite pass rusher in his prime. Few players can be more exciting.

San Francisco 49ers: Rolls and George Kittle

I LOVE rolls. It might be my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Rolls are usually good unless you bake them wrong or get cheap ones. The 49ers, similarly, are good unless they are injured or go cheap on their players (which they have in recent seasons). The 49ers are still pretty good though, and I think they are warming up for a late season surge. The key is star tight end George Kittle. When he went down with an injury early in the season, the entire offense fell completely apart. His elite blocking an receiving makes him the best two way tight end in football, and for a team that loves to run and pass off of that, he is the core piece. The 49ers fans should be very pleased to see him back and being himself again. Also, like many tight ends he is a lot of fun.

Seattle Seahawks: Wine and Russell Wilson

The Seahawks are like a classier West Coast version of the Eagles. Again, too much is not good, but I usually really like wine. The problem here is that we just have had too much of Pete Carroll. Pete is a delight, but, after many glasses/seasons of Pete, it’s just starting to go off of the rails. The Seahawks are also realizing just how much Russell Wilson has kept this team afloat the last few years. His absence and return when he is clearly not himself, have laid bare just how bad the rest of the team is. I have no idea if he will be back next year, but I have Seahawks fans can understand just how great he has been for them. Enjoy these last few weeks watching him the best you can. It may be your last. I hope for Seahawks fans, we get to see a little more vintage 2014 Napa Chardonnay Wilson before it’s all over.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gravy and Tom Brady

Sometimes things are just obvious. At this point, every championship is just gravy for Tom Brady, and even the Bucs have to feel like this season after the last one is gravy. Gravy just makes everything better to most people. I am not one of those people (and of course I don’t really like the Bucs either). Still, it’s hard not to appreciate Gravy’s contribution to this space and Tom Brady’s contribution to the NFL. I am sure Bucs fans by and large know how lucky they were to be chosen, but this is just another reminder.

Tennessee Titans: Pumpkin Roll and Derrick Henry

Pumpkin Roll is something of a holiday sleeper. An elite dessert hiding in plain sight. People often overlook this masterpiece, in the same way the Titans were overlooked early on in the year, while they were amassing wins behind Derrick Henry and a rapidly improving defense. It’s hard not to look at them as a “what if” situation had Henry stayed healthy. Still, he might be able to get back for the playoffs, and I think it looks like they can still sneak in, if Ryan Tannehill can avoid blowing the whole thing like this week. Then we can all enjoy pumpkin roll together as God intended. I am sure Titans fans already fully understand what they have with Henry, but this is just a reminder. He will be back eventually. And you get to watch him every game.

Washington Football Team: Political Talk and Terry McLaurin

The absolute worst franchise in the NFL represents the absolute worst thing at the Thanksgiving table. Political talk. Leave that shit at home or on your internet burner account. Nobody wants to hear what is wrong with their political beliefs or how great yours are, so just can it. People want to enjoy good food and feel happy. Similarly, I basically never want to hear news about the WTF, because it is literally always what a trash organization they are and what a jackass Daniel Snyder is. On the plus side, Terry McLaurin is a great wide receiver no matter what other trash they trot out there at QB, second WR or running back. That dude is totally impervious to the bad play of everyone around him. Kudos to him. Be like Terry McLaurin and be good no matter what everyone around you is doing.

Speaking of being good, here are my terrible and wrong picks for this week:

Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions +3

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys -7.5

Buffalo Bills vs. New Orleans Saints +6.5

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals -4.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Indianapolis Colts +3

Carolina Panthers vs. Miami Dolphins +2

Tennessee Titans vs. New England Patriots -6.5

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants +3.5

Atlanta Falcons vs. Jacksonville Jaguars +1

New York Jets vs. Houston Texans -2.5 La Cerradura de El Padre

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Denver Broncos +2.5

Los Angeles Rams vs. Green Bay Packers -1

Minnesota Vikings vs. San Francisco 49ers -3

Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens -4

Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Football Team -1