Plurality of Republicans Remain in Suicide Pact

2024 is a long way off, but the numbers say plenty

I don’t put a too much stock in early Presidential Polls. It’s still three years out, and polls this early in the process tend to be wrong. Just ask President Rand Paul or President Mike Huckabee about that.

I also don’t put too much stock in polls that have a sample size of 1,999 registered voters and was conducted over a holiday weekend.

With all that being said, a new Morning Consult/Politico National Tracking poll has some alarming data on the future of the Republican Party.

Despite being a serial adulterer, a failed administration, election loss, attempted coup d’etat, loss of the Senate runoffs in Georgia, and the continued insistence that people should sit out the next election, Donald Trump retains the support of 47 percent of Republicans in this poll.

I’m not sure what’s more disturbing, that Trump still has 47% of the vote or that fact that his even less accomplished son Don Jr. gets 6%.

The continued level of Trump support in the GOP is alarming. Not just for the reasons listed above. Trump has time and again to show that he lacks the character to be allowed to run the banana stand, much less be President of the United States again. But since that doesn’t seem to bother many so-called conservatives anymore, chew on this.

That data comes from the opinion of all participants in the poll of all party affiliations. And that should give some Republican voters a pause.

Most of the country thinks that Donald Trump should play no role in the Republican Party. A supermajority of the country thinks Trump should not even run for President, much less vote for him if he were the Republican nominee.

The continued infatuation with Trump by the Republican base and many of its elected officials is a suicide pact for the GOP. The data clearly shows that Trump is incapable of winning the 2024 election. And if the voters truly believe what they say about defeating Biden and the Democrats in 2024, it’s time to find another horse.