Socialist Slate Crushed at Young Democrats Convention

Echoing their Inner Donald Trump, socialists are questioning the election.

A socialist slate of officer candidates was soundly crushed at the Young Democrats of Maryland Convention on Saturday.

A slate led by two self-important socialists, Jake Burdett and Richard Deshay Elliott, were soundly rejected by eligible voters during Saturday’s convention.

All but one of the candidates on the socialist slate received well last than 40% of the vote. The one candidate that did not and was elected ran unopposed.

The slate’s Chairman candidate, Burdett, is best remembered for pleading guilty to wiretapping after illegally videotaping a meeting at the office of Congressman Andy Harris.  Last we heard from him, his own local Central Committee was trying to remove him from office for a second time.

The slate’s Co-Chairman candidate, Elliot, is best known for being a candidate for Delegate and somebody who often promotes ignorant ideas despite not understanding how government works.

Despite being thoroughly crushed in the election, that is not stopping the Socialists and their supporters from coming forth with a Trump-like level of conspiracy theories:

Even elected officials, such as Greenbelt Mayor Colin Byrd, joined the conspiratorial fray:

Burdett himself called the process “shady”

The socialists claim that over half the attendees signed up intending to vote but could not. Having been a State YR Chairman, the YD’s probably have minimum membership requirements in order to be allowed to participate in a convention. It is likely that the socialist state did not bother to check the rules before encouraging so many people to show up.

Time will tell how much influence this will have over the Maryland Democratic Party in the long run. But people who support sane governance should be pleased with the fact that socialists in Maryland remain incapable of accomplishing even the simplest of tasks with even a minimum level of competence.