The Continued Absurdity of the Baltimore Sun Editorial Page

Lob at Glassman Shows the Ridiculous Nature of the Ivory Tower Liberals

Once again, the Ivory Tower Liberals at the Baltimore Sun Editorial Board are doing what they know how to do best: obfuscate.

This time, they have decided to train their eyes upon Harford County Executive Barry Glassman and Glassman’s long-time support for term limits. Glassman, who is also the presumptive Republican nominee for Comptroller, has long been an advocate for term limits on the Harford County Council and has again proposed that the Council submit such a charter amendment to the voters.

Somehow, the knuckleheads on the editorial board think this is some sort of pandering from a statewide Republican. Seriously:

Harford County Executive Barry Glassman recently announced he wants to have members of the Harford County Council limited to two, consecutive, four-year terms apiece. It’s not terribly surprising that the idea has occurred to him. First, because he’s in the final months of his own similarly term-limited service as county executive. Second, because he’s proposed it before when he served on the council. And third, because it’s the kind of throw-the-bums-out, feel-good, but ultimately ineffective, measure that politicians seeking higher office like to throw around. Especially Republicans. And it’s at this point we should mention Mr. Glassman is a Republican candidate to be the next Maryland comptroller.

Emphasis mine.

The Editorial Board, used to pandering from the left-wing politicians they adore so much, thinks that Glassman is just engaging in the same type of pandering for promoting an issue that he has long supported and promoted. Glassman has supported term limits for the Harford County Council for over a quarter-century, but the Sun automatically attributes it as “the kind of throw-the-bums-out, feel-good, but ultimately ineffective, measure that politicians seeking higher office like to throw around. Especially Republicans.”

It’s patently absurd, you know it’s patently absurd, the jokers on the Editorial Board who wrote it know it’s patently absurd…..

And yet that’s not even the end of the absurdity, because the Editorial Board then thinks that what Glassman should really do is promote and idea that, based on Glassman’s ideology he would likely never support: public financing of campaigns:

That doesn’t make all incumbents evil. It’s just how a flawed system works. And what Mr. Glassman and others ought to be doing is attempting to level the playing field so that having the support of special interests is not so overwhelming. Thus, the best solution is to back public financing of political campaigns. Reward candidates who qualify with small donations with matching dollars either through a special fund (like the tax return, voluntary, $3 check-off that helps pay for Presidential Election Campaign Fund) or just straight tax dollars. If it’s good for candidates running to be president (or to be Maryland’s next governor), it’s good for Harford County, too. And candidate participation is completely voluntary.

So if you’re keeping score, a new government-run campaign finance regime is “good government"“ and term limits (something that actually does kick the bums out) is “ultimately ineffective, measure that politicians seeking higher office like to throw around”.

It would be fascinating to know what color the sky is in the Editorial Board’s world.

This entire episode has nothing to do with term limits or campaign finance reform and everything to do with the fact that Barry Glassman is the most credible candidate for Comptroller in terms of record and experience Republicans have run in my lifetime. Glassman is a legitimate threat to whoever the Democratic nominee is, whether it be left-wing Delegate Brooke Lierman or left-wing Bowie Mayor Tim Adams. The Editorial Board is doing their best now, over a year before the election to score points against the Republican, no matter how qualified he is.

Another sad but true example from a Baltimore Sun Editorial Board that is letting their paper and their city down.