The Game Is Always the Same: It's Rigged

Maryland's Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission failed to even exceed the infinitesimally small expectations voters had for it.

In July I told you this was how it was going to end.

…..the conclusions of this commission are already baked in the cake. With five of the seven members of the Commission being Democrats, we already know that this Legislative Commission will continue to endorse the radical partisan gerrymandering that has been the hallmark of Maryland Democrats for decades. Political, racial, gender, and socioeconomic equality will again be sacrificed at the altar of Democratic establishment power.

And today, Karl Aro, Bill Ferguson, and Adrienne Jones unveiled their hideous and pathetic new Congressional districts onto the world.

Ferguson and Jones managed to put out this absolutely fakakta joint statement about the process that is not at all rooted in reality.

And man, these districts need to be seen to be believed.

I mean…….really? The Democrats ,the same people who are always screaming about “equity” think that this is a fair representation of legislative districts and balances the needs to keep communities together?

It’s hard to imagine that the Democrats rolled out this kind of map after we saw what Governor Larry Hogan’s Governor’s Redistricting Advisory Commission put out.

The Hogan appointed Commission provided fair, reasonable maps. The Democrats just gave us four variations of the same concepts they gave us back in 2011. Sure, they might not look nearly as egregious. But it is the same level of partisan gerrymandering that is designed to marginalize conservatives and minorities as the Democrats always provide us.

No unbiased observer can look at the Hogan map and look at the Democrats maps and think any of the Democrats maps are fair, balance, compact, or justifiable. It’s a joke of a map produced by people too weak to do the right thing for once in their lives.

Again, as I said back in July.

As I have been writing about and talking about for years, the Democrats are going to do everything in their power to make sure nothing like the Commission’s proposed district passes. The Democrats charge is going to be to make sure that the districts are gerrymandered to ensure at least seven of the eight members of Congress from Maryland are Democrats. Since Congressional redistricting maps are required to be adopted by the General Assembly, they retain the votes to do so if they can get all Democrats pulling the same rope….

….The Democrats have no plans whatsoever about allowing this level of competitiveness to seep in, a toxic mix of Democratic tradition and the continued insane hyperfocus on national politics.

You see, the game is always the same with this crew. We knew the Democrats rigged the game from jump street. These nonsense maps, created with virtually no public input, behind closed doors, is what we have always expected from Democrats. When given the opportunity to surprise us, they continue to be the same band of political jackals they always are, sacrificing the greater good to benefit the Democratic Party.

Maryland's Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission failed to even exceed the infinitesimally small expectations voters had for it. It’s a joke, and voters need to make their voices heard, which you can do by emailing the Commission and demanding fair districts.

The lesson, as always with Democrats?