The Runback: A Reading from the Book of Jealous

Wes Moore's Mistakes play a familiar song

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Podcast Episode #37

Today we celebrate the first year of The Duckpin, and preview what's coming in the future.

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News and Politics


The Monday Thought

Last week, we talked about Wes Moore’s blatant lie to Marylanders about a supposed “voter suppression bill” that Republicans “just introduced”.

Maryland Matters reported that Moore was “apparently” talking about a bill that was introduced during the General Assembly session dealing with a voter ID law. It’s unclear if the Moore campaign actually cited that bill or not.

What’s amusing about the fact that this bill was cited is the fact that this bill, which of course has nothing to do with voter suppression and anybody that tells you it is voter suppression is a lying hack, is the fact that bill has been introduced as far back as 2014. It’s hard to make a case that Republicans “just” introduced a bill seven years ago, to say nothing of the fact that session has been over for months.

Comically, an unnamed Moore campaign staffer tried to pass the whole thing off as an indication that Republicans were afraid of Moore.

“These Republicans are fretting about an adverb and not even disputing the fact that they did try and pass undemocratic voting restrictions less than two months ago, and likely will again,” the spokesman said. “It’s pretty obvious which Democrat they’re worried about.”

Does this sound familiar to you? It should:

The early Republican attack line on Moore, the former CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation in New York who is making his first bid for office, is vaguely reminiscent of their attempts to paint Benjamin T. Jealous, the 2018  Democratic nominee for governor, as unfamiliar with Maryland.

It’s entire reminiscent because it’s the same crap the Jealous campaign peddled from Jump Street in their ultimately doomed 2018 campaign. Remember, Jealous didn’t know the name of our state courts. He depended on out of state money. And a lack of experience and competence led the Jealous campaign to implode upon itself before Labor Day.

But the other thing that really stuck out was that last comment: “It’s pretty obvious which Democrat they’re worried about.” This is the same line of reasoning that far left Democrats, Jealous staffers, and Jealous supporters used to try to prop up their guy any time Republicans criticized Jealous. Meanwhile, us Republicans were practically begging the Democrats to nominate the guy.

Republicans like me wanted Democrats to nominate him because we knew that he couldn’t win, knew that his campaign would implode, and that Larry Hogan would cruise to an easy victory despite the strong headwinds of having Donald Trump in the White House. The Jealous campaign was always going to collapse like a house of cards, and it did right on schedule.

Here we are, a week into his campaign, and Moore is reading straight from the Book of Jealous. An ominous sign for his or any other candidate’s political viability.