The Runback: Boycott This?

We're doing this again?

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Podcast Episode #27

This week we talk with attorney, businessman, writer, and parent Jim Braswell about the Equity Debate in public schools.

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The Monday Thought

On Friday, Major League Baseball did something extremely stupid: they caved to The Big Lie about Georgia and withdrew the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta*.

*(Look, it isn’t really Atlanta. It’s suburban Cobb County. Lots of people have tried to make the point that “They took the game from Atlanta and they voted for Biden lol”. But Biden only got 56% of the vote in Cobb County. It was a decided Republican County before Donald Trump arrived on the scene, but that doesn’t matter.)

Anyway, we immediately moved into the establishment Republicans’ favorite new thing: boycotting things. This time, it was baseball.

Ronna Romney McDaniel, one of many to bow to the altar of Trump, is somehow proud of this fact. So it won’t surprise you that she decided to radically change her position on something to keep the mob appeased.

I’m willing to bet she actually watched the game anyway and that this is just the latest piece of performance art that GOP politicians feel forced to do to keep Trump voters happy.

Even that’s not as crazy as some who want a boycott of Coke products.

Think about how many poor life choices you’ve made when you decide to abandon Coke for Pepsi? Nobody voluntarily drinks that swill they call Pepsi.

If you’re thinking to yourself “Brian, this sounds like you’ve written about this before” it’s because I have. Back in July. When boycotting Goya Foods was all the rage. Except back then, it was Democrats boycotting Goya.

I hasten to point out that Goya Foods still exists. As will Major League Baseball at the end of the day, too.

Do I agree with Rob Manfred’s decision? No, I do not. Nor do I agree with Red Sox part-owner Lebron James praising the decision to move the All-Star game while supporting the genocidal regime in China.

Am I boycotting baseball? No, I am not abandoning something I have enjoyed and continue my entire life and continue to enjoy today because some suit made a dumb decision somewhere. Especially when there is so much better things to be angry with Rob Manfred about.

I have nothing more really to say about boycotts other than I will paraphrase something I said back in July: A thousand meaningful issues we could be talking about, not the least of which is the Democrats and media gaslighting the American public about voting laws, but sure let’s talk about idiots and where a meaningless exhibition game is played.