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Late Friday night, well after the normal news window, President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of professional knucklehead Roger Stone. Why did Trump commute Stone? For the same reason that Donald Trump does anything, for his own personal whims and in order to reward those who have pledged undying fealty to him. Trump has always viewed the Presidency as a tool to further personal enrichment.

(You would think that Trump would at some point question why he only gets a certain caliber of person to pledge undying fealty to him….)

Much digital ink has been shed on this topic, from the National Review’s declaration that the Stone commutation was “indefensible” (accurate) to Jonathan Turley saying that it’s not as controversial as some think (also true). But that hasn’t stopped the armed camps of Facebook and Twitter warriors from throwing nonsense at each other.

Democrats who clearly have not heard the names of Mark Rich or Bowe Bergdahl blasted Trump for the commutation.

Trump supporters, who also have not heard of Mark Rich or Bowe Bergdahl, keep talking about the number of pardons of prior Presidents. Including this guy.

And wildly the internet rumble regarding commutations is not the stupidest thing going this week.

On Thursday Robert Unanue, the CEO of Goya Foods, praised Trump in a Rose Garden appearance.

The left did what it usually does, which is absolutely exploded at anybody daring to voice an opinion contrary to that of the left. They have organized an informal “boycott” of Goya foods, which apparently expanded to people deciding they sure deploy the virtue signal and throw away existing product.

Throwing away perfectly good food because you don’t like the company politics, the food you’ve already paid for, instead of just eating it or giving it to a food bank is the ne plus ultra of both the liberal mindset and of white privilege.

Boycotts, by the way, aren’t new to this country, nor are they strictly leftist. Back in 2004, quite a few Republicans stopped buying Heinz ketchup because John Kerry’s wife Theresa Heinz Kerry was the widow of John Heinz and inherited quite a bit from his passing. It didn’t matter that she had nothing to do with the company itself, people just didn't want the perception of supporting Kerry. There were rival ketchups. The entire episode was stupid for a ton of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Heinz is the only ketchup worth eating.

Trump supporters did what they usually do, which is pledge undying loyalty to Goya foods and pledged to buy them by the truckful. Many of them probably had to ask where to find them in their local store. Some, of course, tried to take it a step further. Ted Cruz, formerly a rock-ribbed conservative senator and now leading Trump lickspittle, went so far to say that the left was trying to “cancel Hispanic culture” through their boycott, seemingly unaware that other companies exist and also make these products.

I know that I keep beating this drum, but how stupid are we as a people? We have people getting mad at each other over freaking canned foods? We have people defending a knucklehead getting a commutation?

A thousand meaningful issues we could be talking about, not the least of which is a global pandemic that seems to be abating in every country but ours, but sure let’s talk about idiots and politicized adobo sauce.

How much worse can it get the next 113 days? We’re about to find out.