The Runback: Georgia's On Everybody's Mind

Georgia is just the latest battlefield between warring factions that don't give a damn about the rest of society

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Podcast Episode #26

This week we talk with Dylan Diggs, the President of the Republican Club of Frederick County about 2021 City Elections, 2020 County Elections, and more.

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The Monday Thought

Georgia is, again, on everybody’s mind.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Georgia passed a sweeping election reform bill last week that was immediately passed by the Governor. If you only got your facts from the Democrats and the mainstream media, you would think that this was a severe rollback of voting rights akin to “Jim Crow” era laws.

And you would be wrong.

Take a look at this explainer by Georgia’s NPR affiliate (hardly a partisan source) and you will a real sense of the changes that the law makes.

Or you could read the bill yourself, which I guarantee you few if any of the professional rabble-rousers have actually done.

Here are some of the things this "dangerous” law does:

  1. Reduces waiting times for voters;

  2. Permanently institutes ballot drop boxes;

  3. Creates free ID cards for state residents who need an ID for voting purposes;

  4. Ensures those who are incarcerated can still vote;

  5. Replaces signature matching with simply listing your Driver’s License number of the last four digits of your SSN;

  6. Extended early voting times.

Click on that thread to see the captures from the law yourself?

So what exactly is the problem here? The problem seems to be that the left is reflexively against any bill the Republican Party passes anywhere and anything the GOP does anywhere is racist. Now I’ll grant you that after the January 6th debacle and the fact that so many Republicans purport to believe that the 2020 Election was “stolen” that the left should have some skepticism over this kind of stuff. But the fact of the matter is the language of the bill is not at all related to wild-ass accusations that the media, the Democrats, and others are throwing out there.

Here’s a statistic that is important:

President Joe Biden is out there calling this “Jim Crow for the 21st Century.” I would challenge the President to tell us which of the above list of issues he takes issue with.

The societal effect of this misguided outrage is now extending itself to sports. Major League Baseball Players, none of whom I’m guessing have read the damn bill either, are itching to move the 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

If you think this kind of outrage, where players and companies are continuing to demand changes, ends in a good place, I’ve got bad news for you.

It’s ironic; the same people who want to regulate companies into submission to the government want the same companies to use their economic might to force states to do their bidding.

It’s the logical conclusion of The Church of the Woke.

We are living insane times when the left and the media characterize positive changes that make voting in Georgia easier as racist nonsense when simultaneously cheering on Democratic efforts to end the filibuster and revoke the rights of the minority party in the Senate. The juxtaposition is stark and shows again how stupid national politics are.

But then again, we are living in the stupidest period of national politics in our lives. The people who were most angry about Biden not doing a press conference were the people cheering on Trump about not doing a press conference. The people who were most angry about Trump not doing a press conference were cheering on Biden for not doing a press conference. Nothing about politics is about policy anymore, it’s about two tribes going to nuclear war over every little asinine issue that pops up. Nationally we are no longer a country that can produce compromise and quality legislation. No, it’s about “owning the libs” or “canceling the GOP” or whatever other bathroom wall slogan you want to use.

Georgia is merely the latest turf war between two warring factions that care only about winning and nothing else.