The Runback: It's Our Birthday

And they said it wouldn't last.....

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Podcast Episode #36

There is a scourge in the body politic that is conservatism. And until that scourge is dealt with, things can never get better for Republicans and conservatives.

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The Monday Thought

We’re celebrating our first birthday this week. Technically, our birthday is tomorrow, June 8th. But 52 weeks ago, the first edition of The Runback showed up on Monday morning in your inbox.

A lot has changed in the last year. We launched this operation a scant three months into a global pandemic that is just now abating. We were living in a world rocked by racial violence and a reconsideration (to put it mildly) of names of places, teams, and things. Joe Biden had just won the Democratic nomination. Donald Trump was in the fourth month of bungling the American response to COVID. We saw the election itself come and go without incident; it was only after the election where all hell broke loose and we saw the unthinkable.

And yet, much has stayed the same. Donald Trump, against all odds and against any common sense, still has an iron grip on the GOP. “Progressives” in the Democratic Party are still overplaying their hand and pretending that they have a mandate. Corporations and celebrities are still kowtowing to the whims of the woke mob and to the Chinese government. Everybody still puts too much stock into what the small number of people on Twitter think about what’s going on.

Here at The Duckpin, we covered a lot of it. We’ve written about a lot of it. But we’ve done so much more. One of the reasons that I launched The Duckpin as it was and with our motto “It’s Something for Everyone” is that we all have diverse interests and we wanted to make sure that there was an outlet to write about them. People care about sports, and entertainment, and pro wrestling, and yes politics. I wanted to make sure that there was an appropriate place for me to write about all of those things, because those are my interests.

I think we’ve succeeded. Our readership continues to go up. Our social media presence continues to go up. We’re getting there and building something organically, without a whole lot of a plan, and with no advertising.

To date, it’s exactly as I envisioned.

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