The Runback: Revenge Culture

The national mood has moved from change to revenge. Be careful what you wish for.

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The Monday Thought

I tuned out most of the weekend. I went away. Spent time somewhat off the grid. Something that far too many people seem to be rather disinterested in in modern times.

So forgive me if, for two weeks in a row, this thought is reasonably short.

But it seems like we are moving away from a culture of change and toward a culture of revenge.

These are just a few of the things that are going on in this country right now:

What are we, as a people, becoming? What are we doing with the gifts of liberty that our Founding Fathers fought for?

When I see what’s happening in this country, I continue to come back to this scene from Tombstone.

Now, I’m not suggesting that everybody taking part in this are criminal like Johnny Ringo. But a huge section of the people are our for revenge. It seems as if it is, in fact, revenge for being born.

What makes somebody commit the criminal act of toppling a statue and throwing it into the Inner Harbor?

What makes a billionaire run for President only to act like a petulant child for four years?

What makes a newspaper full of affluent middle-class writers continuously take cheap shots at the President?

What makes a white city council member who has lived a gifted live of privilege hate the police so much?

The only common denominator among all of these people is that they have a vendetta against somebody. A person. A group. And they are out for revenge.

I don’t think they realize where the road to revenge leads.

It leads to resentment. It leads to violence.

I don’t know where all of this is going. I certainly wish we had an adult as President right now who could help diffuse the tension. But I pray every day that we as a nation can get this behind us, have the conversations that we need to have, and that we work toward a national reconciliation. Not one based on violence, but based on mutual respect.

Revenge is the road to ruin. I hope those partaking in it reconsider their ways.