The Runback: The Internet Ruins Fun

A Fantasy Football Punishment Turned into another reason for outrage

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The Monday Thought

By this point, everybody has probably seen the story of Lee Sanderlin, a reporter for the Clarion-Ledger in Mississippi who had to endure an unusual punishment.

His plight took the internet by storm, even getting him a story in The New York Times about him. You can read the entirety of his plight in his own words here.

Of course, some people decided that it was an opportunity to dunk on him for thinking of Waffle House as a punishment. Yes, some politicians even got in on the act.

Of course, this is absolutely ludicrous. The punishment was not going to a Waffle House. The punishment was spending 24 hours in a Waffle House and, if deciding to do so, eat as many waffles as you can in order to reduce the punishment.

Sanderlin wasn’t dunking on Waffle House. Sanderlin wasn’t saying that Waffle House was a punishment. I would be willing to bet that he has spent more than a few nights in a Waffle House. But that’s the interpretation that so many people decided to key in on.

The Waffle House is a quintessential southern joint. You get hearty food at a low price. But I wouldn’t want to spend 24 hours there. Or 15 hours there after having eaten nine waffles, as Sanderlin did

But no, people on the internet had to ruin everybody’s fun. People had to find a reason to be outrage about something this weekend and they keyed in on that.

I’ve spent most of the last few days off Twitter and off the internet. It’s been a welcome respite from the usual outrage of the day. Therefore, the only thing I’ve been outraged about is the Orioles blowing a five run lead on Saturday.

But a lot of people need to get off of the internet and stop being outraged so damn much,