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Let's talk about trees that may or may not stop a lot of things. I live in Baltimore City, I am a tree keeper. I have planted over 90 trees in Baltimore City. I take manage forests voluntarily.

I'm also an expert on city crime. The obvious fact is that homes that cost more money tend to have larger yards and more trees. But let's forget the crime issue at the moment. The Baltimore Neighborhood Indicator Alliance which is funded by Soros is currently doing a study that living near a city green space will promote health outcomes in adolescents. I have no idea how they plan to prove this. I'd suggest that it would be impossible unless these youths and the study people plan to bypass HIPAA laws and allow the BNIA to view the adolescents health histories....which is never ever going to happen.

Mind you, I am a liberal. I love trees. I love cities. I love green spaces. As we all know correlation doesn't yield causation. Just like conservatives and the well-funded Federalist Society, every study written by a politically motivated think tank isn't necessarily baked in the truth. I smell bullshit and nobody is listening.

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