Wes Moore Outs Himself as a Liar

The Wheels are already coming off the Moore bus as he shows himself unfit to lead

Newly minted Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Wes Moore is running obviously false Facebook ads.

In a new ad on Facebook, Moore’s campaign states that “Maryland Republicans just introduced a bill that would make it harder for black folks to vote.”

Of course, anybody with a brain would realize that this could not be true considering the Maryland General Assembly adjourned on April 12th, will not convene again until January, and legislators cannot submit bills for prefiling until this fall.

This is pathetic and inexcusable behavior from Moore. There are only two explanations for this, neither of them are good

  1. Moore truly does not understand how the General Assembly works; or,

  2. Moore is trying to leverage his national network, one that does not understand the legislative process in Maryland and is outright lying to them in order to raise a lot of money quickly.

Whichever case it is, it’s clear Wes Moore isn’t ready for prime time. Regardless of his excuse, this type of lying by Moore is pathetic and shows that he lacks the judgment and character to be Governor. He should withdraw from the race for Governor immediately.