What is Colin Byrd's Deal?

Greenbelt Mayor Seems More Interested in Picking Fights than Anything Else


Greenbelt Mayor Colin Byrd sure does act like he is going places. But it’s hard to figure out where or why.

Last week Byrd launched into tirade against the Maryland Matters winners-and-losers list from the General Assembly session by disagreeing with the entire list, basically. Except, he did in an off-putting way that basically slammed most of the Democrats in the General Assembly. He was harshly critical of Senate President Bill Ferguson, Speaker Adrienne Jones, and House Minority Leader Eric Luedtke while heaping praise upon fringe, far-left legislators like Mary Washington, Vaughn Stewart, and Terri Hill.

The same day that Byrd’s outrages were published, he was publicly censured by the Greenbelt City Council for his temper tantrum aimed at Governor Larry Hogan. That censure came three months after the Council took Byrd to task for publicly attacking House Democratic Caucus Chair Jazz Lewis.

Byrd also defended the Socialists who got crushed at the Young Democrats convention, helping to spread their Trump-like conspiracy theory of a stolen election:

While all of this is going on, Byrd is mounting a primary challenge to U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen, a primary he decided to mount after first announcing that he was going to challenge forty-year incumbent Steny Hoyer for Congress in the 5th District.

All I can really think of is this? Who the hell does Colin Byrd think he is?

Don’t get me wrong, watching Democratic intraparty squabbles is entertaining to me. But Colin Byrd is a 28-year old who happened to be elected the ceremonial position of Mayor of Greenbelt because his name happened to be first on the Ballot, not because of any sort of skill that he brought to the job. He seems to want to have a future in Democratic politics, except his strategy seems to be to launch ad hominem attacks at other Democrats.

Why does Byrd want to run for U.S. Senate? He doesn’t have a website. His Facebook page doesn’t say much. In talking to The Diamondback it seems that his reasoning is because the Senate Parliamentarian ruled that a minimum wage increase could not be included as part of the reconciliation process and because of vaccine distribution. Chris Van Hollen has nothing to do with that, but he’s going to launch a quixotic run at Van Hollen anyway.

Byrd doesn’t seem interested in improving Greenbelt, or winning elected office, or making Maryland a better place to be. He just wants to pick fights and yell at people. Hardly a recipe for success.

Byrd is the latest in a string of “Democratic Socialists” in Maryland who mock, harass, yell and scream at their fellow Democrats and then wonder why Democrats don’t want to work with them.

Again, I have no skin in this game. Maryland is better off when Democratic Socialists like Byrd don’t have their act together. It’s just surreal to try and figure out what Byrd’s deal is and why he thinks his childlike antics will work out for him.